Here at Above View we have the privilege of providing a wide range  of services using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) also known as drones. We have years of experience providing high quality HD film footage and photography for various businesses and industries in the UK.  We are also  involved in an interesting research project, supporting archaeological authors with the mapping of ancient megalithic sites.


The scope for these vehicles and the work we achieve is extensive.  Please get in touch and tell us about your requirements and ideas and we will endeavor to support your project or provide a service to suit your needs.


Professional aerial media services

  • We record high definition footage that is digitally stabilized - available in a variety of formats
  • Above View also offers editing and post production services for an engaging, enigmatic and high quality production.
  • We can provide both video and stills images and provided on various media types


Get a birds eye view...

Aerial footage can create an engaging view from an otherwise missed perspective.  We can provide high quality footage from above, at a fraction of the cost of traditional manned aircraft.



Maximize your investment

Crop, field and livestock  management can be made instantly easier when you can see the bigger picture.

Above View can  map your land so you can see the crop conditions, boundary lines allowing you to plan for even  better resource distribution.


Design and construction of UAV aircraft

We pride ourselves on providing a professional service where clients are kept informed about the building, development or repair of their own drone. To ensure top quality production, and to allow for the ordering of the required parts, please understand that some drone builds can take in excess of 28 days to complete.

Safety and Risk Management



Safety is fundamental to our operations, and the wellbeing of people, wildlife, the environment, property and assets need to take priority.  Site risk assessments will always be carried out prior to the commencement of a new project or flight. In some cases there may be flying restrictions and strict  health and safety policies and procedures need to be adhered to.

Enhancing education

With the combined skills of a teacher and a geek, you can bring life, enthusiasm and high quality teaching and learning to your school

Stunning views to sell

Having a big picture view of a property with its grounds and surroundings can help to sell a house. Get a view of your entire estate from above and capture that buyer's attention.

What can Above View do for you?


The team at Above View are flexible and able to adapt to meet a range of needs within a variety of industries, so if you cannot find exactly what you require, please do contact us so we can discuss your proposals further.

We look forward to meeting you!



Get some fun for yourself!

Data from up above

It can be a lot of fun flying a multi-rotor aircraft.  Knowing a few basics and with some little practise, you too can experience the joy of flying your very own mini quadcopter or indeed a larger sized remote aircraft. We source, build and repair a range of UAVs.

What would you like to fly?

Atmospheric data can help with environmental studies and site planning. We offer cost effective solutions to your data-gathering needs with low impact aircraft.

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